• More than 4,400 images were submitted in Abstract, Nature, People, Sport, Wildlife, and Urban categories 
  • Florial Ledoux took the contest’s ‘Photo of the Year’ prize with his gorgeous shot titled ‘Above the Polar Bear’ 
  • Other incredible shots included a tiny city in Italy surrounded by clouds, and crimson flames rising from sea

A polar bear swimming in crystal blue water, crimson flames rising from a stormy ocean, a small Italian town surrounded by clouds.

These are just some of the incredible winners of the Drone Awards, celebrating this year’s most beautiful aerial photographs.

More than 4,400 images were submitted to the contest, which accepted entries for six categories: abstract, nature, people, sport, wildlife, and urban.

Both professional and amateur drone photographers entered the competition, which is organized by the Art Photo Travel Association.

Florial Ledoux took the 2018 ‘Photo of the Year’ prize with his gorgeous shot ‘Above the Polar Bear’.

The stunning image shows a polar bear stretched across two separate pieces of ice, the crystal blue water sparkling below him.

Ledoux will be named the ‘DrAw Photographer of the Year 2018’ and will be awarded the Pangea Prize, which the organization calls a ‘marvelous crystal sphere’, at an award ceremony in Siena, Italy in October.

Florial Ledoux took the ‘Photo of the Year’ prize with his gorgeous shot ‘Above the Polar Bear’ in this year’s Drone Awards


Other gorgeous shots include abstract winner ‘Weather Snake’, taken by Ovi D Pop, which depicts a stream snaking through a landscape that is half lush, green trees and half barren ice


The nature winner is a stunning image by Gabriel Scanu of the Mada’ in Saleh, an archaeological site in Saudi Arbaia whose remains date back to the first century

Nature’s runner-up, titled Entrance to Hell by Xiaoxiao Liu, features bright crimson flames bursting from the ocean with a stream of smoke filling the air

Byron du Bois took runner-up in the urban category with his piece titled ‘Warehouse Fire’, which shows a city covered in dark, heavy smoke after a warehouse goes up in flames

Adam Barker took top honors in the Nature category with his gorgeous picture ‘Blacktip Shark’, featuring one sole shark surrounded by hundreds of fish

Anders Carlson’s Mother and Calf, featuring two gorgeous whales, was highly commended in the Wildlife category

Bachir Moukarzel captured whale sharks surrounding boats in this highly commended piece in the wildlife category

Raf Willems also received highly commended honors for his shot ‘Chauntel in the Desert’ in the People category

Keyvan Jafari captured this gorgeous shot of women working on a rice farm for the Drone Awards’ People category

This breathtaking shot by Stefan Thaler shows a red kayak making its way across a winter landscape in the Sport category

eter Virag captured this gorgeous and unique red sand garden and was highly commended in the nature category

Yavor Michev captured the stunning contract of bright city lights surrounded by frigid ice in ‘Cold Winter Night’

Drone Awards reveals its winning photographs