Azerbaijan Photo Salon 2019 interview with salon photographers

How many years have you been engaged in photography activities?

I`m started to make photography since 1986, at 14 years of age. Asa an art photographer since 2013.

What prompted you to begin with photography?

My mother had a Cmena 8, and I liked how she took pictures….


What photographers influenced you? Who do you like from contemporary authors? Do you have any favorite artists?

I don`t have any influences…. but I like Mc Ginley, Man Ray or Larry Woodman.


What did you dream of becoming in your childhood?


Which photo genre or style you like most?

Abstract and Nude

Do you remember your first shooting/image? How it was?

I was ant athlete…. my first memorable shot was in a running camp….

Is photography an art or a technique?

Both I think….

How do you feel about the popularization of photography? Many people today have expensive professional equipment, they shoot themselves and already therefore consider themselves photographers. Is this fair?

I think the most important thing is to see, after the equipment. The photographer imagine the frame before push the button.

Tell us about your usual photo shoot? How does it go?

I shot with 2 Nikon cameras with all range of lenses, but other angles I use the drone, if its permitted. Depends on the scene I pick the best angle which is good for my scene….

Please share your creative plans for future?

Geometric elements involving people….

What, in your opinion, is the value of professional photo competitions for young photographers?

Young photographers should conquer to see in which directions to go, if their pics are in gd taste of contemporary art photography.

Uncover some of your professional secrets for our readers.

Watch more pictures, see the work of the great photographers, imagine scenes and do it!!!!