digg.com: The Winners Of The Drone Photography Of The Year Contest Are Staggeringly Cool

We at Digg dot com have a complicated relationship with drones. But roughly speaking, our views can probably be summed up as follows: drones that have chainsaws = uncool. Drones that take pretty photographs = very cool.

Thankfully, this year’s Drone Award winners feature plenty of the latter and absolutely none of the former. According to the contest’s official website, professional and amateur drone photographers submitted more than 4,400 images across six categories: Abstract, Nature, People, Sport, Wildlife and Urban. And all of them are stunners.

You can see all the winners, runners up, and commended photos over on the contest’s website, but below are some of our favorites.

Florian Ledoux’s shot, titled “Above The Polar Bear” was named Photo of the Year.

 Florian Ledoux

Ovi D. Pop’s photo “Weather Snake” won the Abstract category.

Ovi D. Pop